Ravan Trans Apadana  with 21 years experience and holding expert engineers is ready to offer its best

services to country's industries. Also, RTA  company along with country's industrial development has

taken sole agent for producing & importing all type of industrial and automotive belts as OEM – OCS –

AFTER MARKETING which is caused huge turnover growth for Iran industries.

Open End Timing Belts
Kind of sizes and selections for Industries
Steel Cord Belts
Kevlar Cord Belts
Endless Timing Belts
On request
As catalogue
Made in Germany & Italy
Kraft band V-Belts: 5-Y/6-Z/10-A/13,...
Teeth V-Belts: XPZ/XPA/XPB/XPC/...
Automotive Belts
Timing Belts use in engine
Ribbed Belts
Teeth V-Belts for Truck